Selective Memories

In the time leading up to a breakup you know all the reasons why you want to. But in the moment, when you commit and you decide that today’s the day, you can’t remember any of it, that is, if you are still deeply in love with them. You don’t remember lying next to her … More Selective Memories

To The Flight Attendant Who Was Too Good For That Shitty Airline

There’s this one song that is absolutely drenched in you. You’ve never heard it, I promise. I came across it about ten minutes after I’d seen you for the last time. I listen to it every now and then, when I’m brave enough. And when I’m drunk, it’s on repeat. Just like it is right … More To The Flight Attendant Who Was Too Good For That Shitty Airline

Seth Rich

I watched a video today of a teenager being tazed to death in the balls while handcuffed by people sworn to protect and serve us. The police department got away with it because they kept the video hidden long enough that it passed the statute of limitations for criminally negligent homicide. I watch the political … More Seth Rich


I’m in a writing mood, and I can’t sleep. So fuck it, let’s write. Two posts in one night?! The absolute madman! Writing will never get me laid. At best it’s a one-line thing during initial conversation. “Oh cool, yeah I’ve never been there. So what do you do for fun?” “Well, I work all … More Bean


The flatness and dullness of West Tennessee has me restless. I yearn for mountains. A new city. New people. I want the satisfaction of stumbling across a bar and learning it’s someone’s favorite place, and I found it without even trying. “Of course I found it,” I’ll say with my eyes. I won’t be welcomed … More Duality


It’s been raining for days. Well, really it’s been raining for weeks with brief periods of sunshine. It would be romantic in a melancholy way if not for the lack of views to enjoy it. Small, rectangular windows which I’ve covered in blackout curtains. Beyond them, broken asphalt roads with angry drivers, cheap houses on … More Windows

Love hard. Give all. Open your heart and let it be filled.